Five useful facts about association management companies

AMCs are not just for start-ups

While AMCs are uniquely positioned to nurture start-ups, they are just as adept at fostering lasting partnerships with their clients for achieving long-term sustainability. A recent study of over 110 associations that were managed by association management companies showed that, on average, the associations had been in existence for over 34 years.

AMCs offer continuity amidst evolving board leadership

By developing a partnership approach from the start, AMCs build a relationship with volunteer leaders based on trust and respect. As partners, the AMC and leaders can work together to develop priorities and meet expectations.

AMC professionals employ best practices

Associations that utilize AMCs for management services can count on solid experience, expertise and a high level of staff competency. AMCs utilize standards and self-monitoring processes to ensure performance quality.

AMCs benefit from their clients' success

Reputable AMCs don't put their own financial gain before the long-term success and viability of their clients. It's a win-win scenario: when an association's performance results are strong, the AMC benefits.

AMC staff need not be industry experts, but association experts

Versatility is an essential trait of association management professionals, allowing them to adapt to the dynamic and varying needs of each client organization. Less important is a working knowledge of the profession or industry segment represented by the organization. Typical AMCs offer a comprehensive blend of expertise, service and experience, which may be the reason more volunteer leaders and staff are turning to association management companies.